Getting a summer job in the USA. Student Claire tells us about her experience.

University of Manchester Careers Blog

usablogphotoBy Claire Ung, final year Maths student
This summer, I spent 3 months working as a J1 student in the USA in Brewster, Massachusetts, part of ‘Cape Cod’.

A J1 ‘work and travel’ visa is for students who are still in university or would be graduating the summer that they are planning to go. It is for a maximum of four months and you cannot work any later than September 15th. There is a thirty day ‘grace’ period after you complete your contract, where you can travel and explore the USA before returning back to the UK. I visited Boston, Atlanta and Orlando but I know others who visited more (and less) places. I chose to go to the USA because I wanted to learn more about other cultures and have a more ‘global’ view of the world, with the bonus of being able to travel afterwards.


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